A poultry farm with future. DIGISTALL.

DIGISTALL leads to an optimisation of the entire production chain within a modern poultry farm between poultry farmer, supplier and buyer.

This enables a significant improvement in quality. Through the processing of relevant stable data, a higher animal health level will be achieved, fewer drugs are used, less loss achieved and thus a better production of high-quality food. Sustainability and more stable income are thus possible. Work processes become simpler and faster.

With DIGISTALL, the poultry farmer remains the owner of his own data and he decides himself with whom he wants to share which information. This collected data will help to calculate analysis and forecasts afterwards, supported by digital intelligence.


The intelligent stable cart

DIGISTALL completely replaces the until now used handwritten paper stable card.

Due to the simple and fast input of digital data, Digistall not only provides the poultry farmer with significant time savings…

Available in two versions:

» fixed build-in tablet per stable


» base station with mobile tablets for several stables


Benefit the poultry farmer.

Simplify more and more documents and data, save time, optimise advice, reduce costs, utilise data and convert it into knowledge, recognise problems, use analyses and improve market position.

The poultry farmer himself decides on his data, on further use and how he uses the data to his advantage.

Secure the future.


With regards to the animals

Real time visibility in the poultry farm: Direct overview of the feeding process and water consumption, the egg laying process, health, behaviour in the stable, vaccination intervals, etc., comparison analyses ( feed, feeding programs, chicks, climate programs, etc.)

Documentation / reminder function

Direct view of breeding data, data from previous expires is always within reach, reminder functions (e.g. vaccinations, cleaning of water pipes etc.) are immediately visible and individually configurable.


Real-time insight into raw materials, feed quality, feed consumption, analyses of recipe changes and their operation, recommendations regarding product change, marketing of by-products, etc..Planning, ordering procedures and deliveries become more effective.


Continuous insight into treatment results, history, section reports, resistance overview, quick access for slaughter messages, digital delivery notes, detailed overview of stable image, etc. Remote advice is possible, better comparison of responses to vaccinations and therapies.

Control by governments

QS-relevant documentation, faster insight into and assessment of the data to be delivered, unambiguous readability of data through digitisation.


Simple and punctual transfer of data to e.g. HI-Tier, QS-System offering transparency for the market.

Transfer of punctual Food Chain Information (VKI) and breeding messages to the slaughterhouse, insight into the growth process, enabling better planning for the slaughter, easier determination of specific weight classes, quality questions, (medicine use etc.) and control.


Data storage

The data is always present in the stable, the data is stored on the spot, no uncontrolled use of the data! It also works with minimal internet connection.


Compatible for various extensions, can be realised individually according to the needs and wishes of the customer.

Can be used mobile

In the stable, at home and on the road

DIGISTALL can also be used as a mobile app on a smartphone. Insight into all data at all times and everywhere. The data can also be processed,sent and shared, e.g. with the veterinarian, the slaughterhouse or the government.

The app is linked to the licence and works in combination with the digital stable card.

How do you want to improve the working day of a poultry farmer through digitisation?

DIGISTALL realises a complete replacement of the current handwritten paper stable card. Due to the simple and fast input of digital data, Digistall saves the poultry farmer a lot of time. The mandatory documentation only needs to be entered once and can then be seen on every screen. All relevant dung data are available at any time and support the poultry farmer during the breeding process.

What significance do you think data will have in the future?

Data safeguards production and data decisively guarantees quality and animal health. The precise recording of many stable parameters makes it possible to focus very much on the production process and to be able to respond effectively to errors.
Furthermore, digitisation will make it possible to clearly see complete improvement processes and to obtain an even better coordination between the before and after events.

Why do you think poultry farmers should look forward to digital progress?

Through efficiently accumulated data, the poultry farmer obtains a large number of new possibilities. Knowing more, effective comparison options, better advice and time savings are just some of the positive changes. Poultry farmers today have the unique opportunity to help shape digitisation, to develop and use data to their advantage.

Source: “Questions to Neonlogic about DIGISTALL”, digitale-landwirtschaft.com


Several user levels with different accesses can be set. These levels, called accounts, are adjusted for that user (owner, employee, veterinarian, government).

Quick overview

The main menu immediately shows an overview of all key data regarding feed use,

water, climate, animal losses, etc.

Simple operation

The input and reading of all data is done only via the touch screen of each tablet. No special knowledge is required, the operation is easy to learn, as the modules are in many cases self- explanatory.


Simple and precise transfer of data, insight into reports and messages, etc..  Quality questions (medication use and medication consumption, etc.) and control.