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Why switch to Digistall?

The most precious today is time.The bureaucratic effort involved in keeping animals is very great and takes a lot of time with all the papers. Stable cards have to be filled with a lot of information on a daily basis, which is done manually and errors always occur.

DIGISTALL is a tangible relief for the poultry farmer and his employees. Due to the simple and efficient input, the digital stable card can be filled in faster than any paper stable card. The input consists purely of a number field and installed texts, so that it is easy to operate for every user. The number of errors will be drastically reduced through build-in controls of the system.

DIGISTALL provides a quick overview of the daily relevant data at any time and shows the poultry farmer the prescription and actual values at a glance. Further details can be called up directly with a few “clicks”.

This makes stable management in the field of ventilation (climate), feeding (weight) and losses etc. much easier to control.

Is Digistall recognized as government documentation?

Yes, because with this digitisation DIGISTALL makes it easier to check data from the stable because it can be displayed simply and in a targeted manner. QS-relevant data and also reports, for example regulations, are included in the database and can therefore also be displayed directly.

Are the data secured / stored?

The data is stored in the database and a backup can be loaded at any time during a shut-down. The data is always present in the stable, data security is done on site, no uncontrolled access! Works even with minimal internet connection.

Who has access to the data?

In DIGISTALL users can get access related to the function. These user accesses can release corresponding rights to overview, edit and evaluate stable data.

Permanently installed or mobile in the stable?

DIGISTALL can be used with various hardware devices.

The hardware for DIGISTALL can be implemented in different ways. Permanently installed tablet screens or separate mobile tablets are possible.

Depending on the company structure and stable situation, we can configure different variants and put together an individual offer.

Does DIGISTALL also function as a mobile app?

DIGISTALL can also be used mobile as an app on the smartphone. Insight into the data every moment and everywhere. The data can also be processed, sent and shared, for example with the veterinarian, the slaughterhouse or the government.

The app is linked to the license and serves as a combination with the digital stable card. You have an overview of all breeding data, you can adjust and send documents, (poultry farm messages), share and export data (Excel) and view information, reports, analyses plus calculations, etc.

Internet reception in the stable is bad, does it still work?

Proven in practice: bandwidth 250 – 500 Kb or even less. It functions! There is no comparable product on the market.

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